According to our philosophy, architecture and interior design are tightly interconnected. If kept in one hand, the exterior and interior harmony could be more easily and more economically achieved. In the course of our plan making, interior utility is as important as exterior appearance and the purity of the architectural structure. In our buildings we strive for the simplicity and for practicality as well. We add tone to viability, design, environmental consciousness, and quality.

How do WE work? We divide the process of planing into four phases.

The first one is the draft plan, where we make freehand plan documents based on the ideas of the procurer, and the suggestions of our team. This is a result of a continuous communication and adjustments, to the procurer’s needs, the aptitude of the location, and available facilities, and the local conditionings. This plan is the base of the further planing work. We make the licensing plan from the evolved building, which is consulted by the authority and the specialists. The next step is the tender session, which is when we make detailed blueprints containing the price, proportion drawings, and material signs. If the final construction drawing is ordered, we agree about the specific products and materials with the procurer. We help to choose from products and advise if they have adequate technological requisites. After pre-arrangement with the distributor firms, the procurer can inspect, and what is more, literally touch the materials and products to be installed. It is important to know that the procurer has a task too: she/he supplies the raw data, and she/he has to make decisions in every phase of the planning, for which we try to assist her/him with meticulous guidance.

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Kaposvár family house 2012

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Duplex house on Városkúti road

During the planning the challenge was to optimize the two flats with the thin building plot and the adverse building location.


Kaposvár family house 2012

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Loft re-design on Rózsadomb

The exciting proportions of the space gave us the idea to design a library-corner above the wardrobe in the bedroom, which could be approached on a glass bridge.